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Posted by April
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At Madison Montessori Academy HiMama is used by teachers to record activities on tablets as they happen throughout the day to keep parents informed on everything from nutritional information to fun moments and learning activities.

It provides parents with real-time email updates and access to a complete history of their child's experience in early learning programs with photos and videos stored safely and securely in a journal format that parents can access from home or through mobile apps. HiMama keeps parents informed by providing them with digital updates specific to their child, complementing important face-to-face interactions. It’s also a great way to reinforce children’s in-program learning at home as parents have timely insight into what their child has been working on throughout the day.

The teachers at Madison Montessori Academy will provide you with a daily report including a picture or video of what they did that day. You can also correspond with the teachers through HiMama as well as leave comments on their pictures.
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We are very excited to be introducing our new website to you, as the one before it will still have a parent login side which will ensure the safety of all the children. Over the next few months we are looking forward to adding many new elements to the site such as blogs, galleries and news items. We will be sending out an email before the holidays giving everyone their login information so that you may access the Christmas videos! We are constantly learning and improving our site and we can’t wait to share it with you all.
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As many of you have probably heard we will be expanding our school this spring. The front building that is currently there will be torn down and we will be building a new building along the west side of the property. This building will allow us the accommodate more children and have our own school bus loading zone!

The new building will house a new infant room, casa room and very large JK/SK before & after care room and Grade 1 and up before & after care room. It is looking like construction will begin this March but we will keep you posted with all the new developments.
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We are happy to announce that we are opening a new Casa class in the room Miss Krista’s toddler class was in and it will be run by Miss Shelley. The class will open January 5, 2015 and we are very excited!
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For those of you who have been with us for many years know Miss Brenda and for those who haven’t she has been with us since before we opened and helped design the school, make new materials and generally helped get things started. She has been home with her son Jack for the past year and we have been lost without her. So mark your calendars for February 2nd!!


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